Equisolv For the welfare of horses

We started working with Irish organic hemp growers at the beginning of 2017 to provide consumers with the highest quality hemp products. We grow, harvest and dry our own hemp on Irish farms and extract the raw materials at our processing facility in Youghal, Cork. Our priority has always been the high quality of our products.

Through years of research, we have developed a unique process for fermenting and treating seeds that enhances the quality of the oil contained in the seed. The whole process, from the moment the seeds are sown until the raw material is ready, takes a total of 33 months.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control, which allows us to ensure that we offer premium vegan products.

Remedy Health was awarded the Best Cannabis Oil Manufacturer of the Year 2021 at the Global Health & Pharma Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Awards.


All Remedy Baltic products have been subjected to very thorough testing. The products have not been tested on animals! 


The production of Remedy Baltic CBD body salves will remove 18-24 tonnes of CO2 0% production residues from the air over 6 months. 


The production industry is registered as a food industry. I.e. there are no substances in the balms that should not be eaten. 100% natural, 100% chemical free. 


All our products have European Union certificates. 

CBD-containing products for horses

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Benefits of CBD


Analgesic action 

The analgesic effects of CBD have been proven. 


relieves anxiety

Cannabis sativas CBD chemical compounds have a calming and anxiolytic effects. 


protects the nervous system

CBD is recommended for the occurrence of neurodegenerative disorders.


promotes bone development

CBD is recommended in cases of disease or age-related bone thinning. 


reduces the risk of artery blockages

The use of CBs can improve overall blood quality. Use is recommended for cardiovascular concerns. 

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